One training and nutrition plan to support you to the very best you can achieve
– whatever your level and whatever commitment you can make.
Tailored. Dynamic. Realtime  


Pillar supports you to maximise your training and event performance - whatever your level and whatever commitment you can make to training.

We started Pillar in 2017 when Dan was training for the amateur Etape du Tour road cycling race. Dan was like a lot of amateurs, keen to improve but with a lot of commitments and a (sometimes inflexible) and  changing schedule. 

We wanted to build a solution that was tailored, intelligent and flexible at its core, to allow it to maximise people could get, whatever resources they had available. It needed to be able to dynamically re-optimise to people's changing circumstances - be it their bodies' reaction to training or the fact they needed to pick their child up from school at the last minute.


We wanted to build proven & reliable nutrition strategies into the core - so that nutrition could be a lever for performance improvement and change in body composition simultaneously. 


Pillar is for the girls and guys who live for training and compete at the highest levels, as well as those who are just getting into a more structured way of training. Pillar supports you in improving and maintaining your performance: training right, eating right & ensuring optimal rest and recovery.

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Personalised to your level, your targets, and your schedule.


Move and adapt your sessions to suit your changing needs. Adjusts your schedule based on your actual performance vs target. Adjusts your programme based on your actual performance and your personal reaction to training.


To drive to your body composition and your performance goals. Not another weight loss plan that saps your energy



See where you are on the journey to your event(s). Prioritise fitness vs freshness for each event depending on your season's strategy.


Leading sports science that’s consumable. Dig into the detail or just stick to the key metrics.


Professor James Morton

  • Team Sky Head of Performance Nutrition

  • Knowledge Director at SIS Nutrition

  • Research & Teaching at Liverpool John Moores Unisersity

  • Pillar adviser

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Professor Graeme Close 

  • England Rugby Head of Performance Nutrition

  • Research & Teaching at Liverpool John Moores Unisersity

  • Pillar adviser

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Dan Wakerley

Endurance sport enthusiast & Founder of Pillar

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