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Optimise your training and fuelling in 2019


Pillar is a mobile-based coach for cycling, which gives you one integrated training and nutrition plan on mobile, that is tailored to you. Your plan will continually re-optimise based on what you actually do, how you react, and any changes in your goals, schedule or other.

Pillar goes live – 23rd January, London

Our team of leading sports scientists and coaches – from Team Sky & England Rugby, will talk about lessons learned from elite sport, the training & nutrition strategies we are using in Pillar, and what’s coming up in Pillar. We’d love to meet you and find out how we can help you. Sign up on our homepage.

It’s January 5th

I hope the New Year is going well for you so far! Whether you’ve made some commitments based on New Year’s resolutions, or started training back in October (or barely stopped) – good luck!

Endurance sport attracts a wide variety of enthusiasts – from the “data freaks” to the more casual, or people for whom it’s the first time out. Although health and fitness are immensely personal, a few principles apply across the levels that are critical to adhere to in your training programme, to get the most out of your sport and avoid illness and injury:

1. Training load – how much you train needs to be consistent with how much you’ve trained in the past. You need to build to progress, but at the right rate.

2. Training quality – you need to train in a way that’s consistent with your goal(s) (and also with your experience and fitness level). Prioritising V02 max sessions if you’re preparing for a long endurance race, almost certainly won’t be best use of time and effort.

3. Correct fuelling – according to your body composition objectives, and your training plan. Whatever the changes are that you’re looking to bring about – it needs to be managed in the right way.

4. Rest – individual but always expected to be higher if you’re training. Appropriate rest between sessions is crucial

5. Rehabilitation – ancillary exercises to prevent injury and improve your performance.

6. Mental strength – so you can push yourself, but know where to stop.

LF firing up the first training session of the 2019!

How do you do it?

Getting all these things right can be complex and requires commitment, and definitely some outside help. Even when they’ve all been got right, fortune can conspire against you.

Reality for most of us will include at least some of the below:

· Our bodies react to training in different ways and at different rates. We improve more quickly in one area than another, but is that the area we want to be strong in?

· Our schedule changes – maybe new hours at a new job, we can’t make the favourite race this year, or we need to cancel / change training at the last minute

· We get ill/ go “off the boil” – for a short or longer period

· We get niggles or injuries

Intelligent coaching

To give ourselves the best chances of improving / avoiding the worst of the above, we need to treat the body as a system, where the above principles must work together. This integrated plan must constantly re-optimise in the face of changing circumstances.

We created Pillar to help you do just that- built on winning science that you can trust – that’s powered Team Sky and England Rugby, among others.

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All the best for 2019!

Dan Wakerley

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