About Us

Pillar was born from our own struggles in training, fitness, and performance.

We understand limitations from cookie-cutter training plans foumnd online. Pillar was made to answer the struggles of the amateur cyclist who wants to improve, but is limited by lack of structure, motivation and the bespoke understanding of a human coach.

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Our vision

Built for the athlete

The idea for Pillar began in 2017 when our founder, Dan Wakerley, was training for the Étape du Tour race. Like many amateur cyclists, he was keen to improve, however fitting training around his uncertain schedule was a challenge.

The Pillar team is working behind the scenes to build an intelligent digital solution. A solution that can dynamically re-adjust based on an athlete's ever-changing circumstances; whether it's their performance condition or their busy schedule.

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Our mission

Your smart training companion

The Pillar app is designed to help any cyclist achieve their best; maximising gains no matter what resources they have available.

We have built Pillar with scientifically proven training and nutrition strategies at its core. The app designs you a unique training plan based on your level, availability and goal. Pillar supports you in improving and maintaining your performance: training right, eating right & ensuring optimal rest and recovery.

Our team

Dan Wakerley

Founder & CEO

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Dan loves getting out - to cycle, for a run, to swim and to ski. He has even rowed the Atlantic Ocean! Professionally, his background is in strategy consulting, finance, and software. He is a Trustee on the Board of Pursuing Independent Paths, a London charity helping adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential.

Ben Cross

Head of Product

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Ben has a significant number of years experience in the product and customer experience domain across big brands and startups. He is a keen endurance athlete and enjoys a variety of outdoor pursuits.

Josh Carter

Sports Science Product Manager

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Josh is Pillar's sports product manager, making sure the app is a valuable and accurate training companion. He has a master's degree in sports science, which focused mainly on physiology and biomechanics. He's interested in all things sports tech such as combining machine learning analysis with performance training.

Matilda Donnachie

Community Manager

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Matilda is our community manager, specialising in digital content. She oversees Pillar's online clubs and groups, ensuring that Pillar is not only a great training companion but a budding community. She is a decorated rower and enthusiastic cyclist.

Yassir Arafat

Sr.Software Engineer

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Part of the product team, Yassir has over 5 year's experience as a software engineer. He has expertise in building scalable backend services, designing system architecture, and solving real customer problems with business justifications.

Yasir Mahabub

Software Engineer

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Mahabub has been working as a software engineer providing services to various clients. He is a sports enthusiast and likes to read books in his free time.

Ashikur Rahman

Software Engineer

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Ashikur is a core software engineer for Pillar, working on developing key features for the app. He's keen on all areas of software engineering, especially developing API services, solving complex programming problems, machine learning and data science.

Mahidul Islam Zihan

Software Engineer

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Zihan is a Software engineer focused on creating beautiful Apps. He is keen on exploring new technologies as well as idea's. He is a student in spirit.

Professor Graeme Close

Pillar Advisor

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World leading academic in Nutrition and Human PhysiologyEngland Rugby Head of Performance Nutrition, along with roles in Pro Tour Golf, and soccerResearch & Teaching at Liverpool John Moores UnisersityPillar adviser

Professor James Morton

Pillar Advisor

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Team Sky Head of Performance Nutrition - supporting 5 Tour De France, Giro D'Italia and Vuelta d'Espana winsKnowledge Director at SIS NutritionResearch & Teaching at Liverpool John Moores University

Pav Bryan

Coach and Performance Expert

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Pav has a lifetime of coaching experience and over a decade within the cycling industry. Trusted as BikesEtc Magazines ‘Cycling Guru’, he has been instrumental in changing the way the cycling coaching industry operates; from personalising coaching to the individual, to the way we look at an athletes mental fitness.

Dr Nicky Keay

Leading endocrinologist

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Leading endocrinologist – focus on maintaining athlete performance through balance of training-rest-nutrition. Working across professional, amateur athletes and NHS doctor. EN:SPIRE clinic founder.

Giuseppe Saltini

Pillar advisor

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Experienced CTO. Currently CTO at Arca Blanca, formerly Refinitiv Thompson Reuters and Pillar advisor.